Projects at G. Krug and Son

Some current and some finished projects from G. Krug and Son, where I work.
More May 10

  • A44924053d136cd039f1af65c653d2a2
    Cut/ notched cast iron, fabricated 25 lap joints, drilled, tapped, hand beveled, and attached to 186 year old cast iron fence section. Used to join 18 other fence sections
  • 9d22f8b4776c6f0566cd2eeb135a3beb
    Fabrication and installation of Johns Hopkins fence.
  • Bbc0c6d0184cc211181b5856d71cbea4
    Restoring 186 year old fence section to the Washington Monument in Mount. Vernon, Baltimore.
  • E12a6a01984af0ff7e14c31c11a91709
    Fully restored fence sections installed to the Washington Monument, Baltimore.
  • 8caa01c7f9e961124508e9c2fe132c7f
    Table made for a customer.
  • 83e9a9bd3121201b7d974c6e0bf1a1ad
    Repairing Green Mount Cemetery gate.