Gene's project from 10/3/14

More October 4

  • A8647edfb6b362299eff32e31571ff16
    Weld setup mig
  • Cf1af854cb7ca26245f838ff1d1c1941
    All bent/cracked rims, pressed,welded,and painted in my shop
  • 40a59ec53a3a0239c5f0e93348fcb118
    Coffee table (personal use wife killing me)
  • Cad1d7b116a1208825e3b3d50e59079e
    Aluminum brace for a manlift basket
  • 1c237881ef0951e5da53fa20c44ec292
    1of6 New silo, these are used in the farming industry to keep silage precip. At min.