Trouble and Serviceman SCD NERC

Centreville, MD posted on October 28

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Position Description

Under direct or general supervision regularly and customarily installs and services electrical connections and appliances, operates and repairs Company's lines as necessary, and responds to trouble calls from customers. This includes such work as the following illustrative duties, together with other related and incidental work:

1. Sets, connects and disconnects meters; installs and removes instrument transformers; installs and removes services; handles trouble calls; performs work on miscellaneous light construction and maintenance jobs on live secondary and primary conductors, structures and equipment on both overhead and underground facilities.

2. Services and maintains domestic, commercial and industrial electrical appliances, including making inspections, and preparing reports on installations; performs incidental wiring therewith, including wiring in connection with small motors, motor circuits and related equipment; troubleshooting, repair and replacement of Energy For Tomorrow (EFT) switches.

3. Installs and removes recording instruments; places, changes and removes charts; gives meter locations; runs and removes services, investigates and corrects customer service complaints.

4. Prepares forms and sketches covering locations of recording volt-meters, shows number and size of wires and transformers, number and nature of customer's services and equipment.

5. Operates all types of substation equipment, including automatic reclosing devices, transmission and distribution switches.

6. Performs promotional work by acquainting customers with Company rules and policies, furnishing customers with information regarding specifications of electrical appliances and merchandise.

7. Performs necessary clerical work incidental to the job.

8. Directs the work of and instructs others who, upon occasion, may be assigned to assist.

9. Performs any of the duties of a Journeyman Lineman.

10. Operates automotive equipment.

In addition to the above and other related work of similar grade, a Trouble and Service Man will be assigned to any other work of equal or lesser skill within the capabilities of the individual, to meet emergencies or other operating needs.

Position Requirements