Relay Technician SCD NERC

Salisbury, MD posted on July 14

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Position Description

Under general supervision regularly and customarily performs the most complicated work on relays and other electrical control and protective equipment.  This includes such work as the following illustrative duties, together with other related and incidental work:

1. Using verbal instructions or standard schematic or wiring diagrams, installs and places in proper operating condition; tests, sets, calibrates, maintains and repairs all control circuits and control equipment, oil circuit breakers, voltage regulators, transformers, batteries, battery chargers and other related equipment owned or serviced by the Company.

2.  Assists Engineers in making studies and calculations, load and voltage regulation studies, and may make simple calculations and studies as directed.

3. Prepares diagrams relative to relays, control circuits, fuse applications and other special studies and tests as required.

4. Performs necessary clerical work incidental to the job. Documents and maintains record of tests.

5. Responsibly directs the work of and instructs others assigned to assist him.

6. Operates automotive equipment. with valid license(s) and all required constructions equipment.

In addition to the above and other related work of similar grade, a Relay Technician will be assigned to any other work of equal or lesser skill, within the capabilities of the individual, to meet emergencies or other operating needs.

Position Requirements

Associate's degree in electrical field or equivalent experience satisfactory to the Company, such as two years of post-secondary education with AC and DC circuit courses.
Experience demonstrating skill performing basic math (e.g., addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).
Experience demonstrating skill comprehending written materials.
Knowledge of and the ability to use various hand tools and test instruments.
Experience demonstrating skill using personal computers including word processing and spreadsheet software
Ability and willingness to read and interpret diagrams and blueprints.
Ability and willingness to work on or around energized electrical and mechanical equipment.
Ability and willingness to work with your hands to perform work functions, and work in a variety of work environments including all weather conditions, at extreme heights, in confined spaces or enclosed vessels, in dark or limited light areas, and in noisy and dirty environments.
Ability and willingness to wear and use safety equipment such as steel toed shoes, rubber gloves and sleeves, hard hat, fire retardant clothing, respirator, etc. as required by Federal, State, Local and Company regulations.
Ability and willingness to perform both indoor and outdoor tasks for extended periods of time such as lifting up to 50 pounds, climbing ladders and scaffolding, bending, twisting, kneeling, crawling, pulling/pushing, standing, walking and squatting.
Ability and willingness to perform rescue and first aid activities.
Ability and willingness to work rotating shifts, holidays, weekends and overtime.
Ability and willingness to travel to various company locations.
Ability and willingness to drive a Company vehicle.
Must successfully pass qualification test.
Must possess a valid jurisdictional driver’s license.
Must successfully pass a Criminal History Background Check which consists of a 7-year criminal records check for felony convictions.
Must successfully pass a medical screening to include a drug test.

Employees in this classification are required to complete and maintain their NERC and FERC certifications annually.

Employees in this classification are NERC and FERC qualified positions. As such, they will be required to comply with NERC and FERC standards and requirements, and follow company procedures designed to meet these requirements.