JE-OPETS Program Analyst II

Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD posted on January 22

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Established in 2001, The Tauri Group is a professional services firm known for our analytic rigor, practical solutions, and trusted advice in the areas of CBRN threat mitigation, defense science and technology, homeland security, and adjacent domains. We offer the financial stability and breadth of capability of a large company coupled with the corporate commitment and attention of a small firm. Our subject matter expertise, determination, agility, and commitment to active and ongoing client and stakeholder engagement enable us to solve tough problems and deliver results-oriented solutions that help our customers achieve mission success.  We tackle our clients’ most challenging problems by combining analytical rigor with world-class expertise and relevant operational experience.  At The Tauri Group, we do what’s right for the Program, the Mission, and the Nation.

We are seeking a Program Analyst to support the Army Research, Development and Engineering Command (RDECOM). 

Candidates must have a current SECRET clearance.

Experience and/or Certifications Required

  • Understanding of program and technology development, either from a DOD or Industry perspective, as well as the corresponding management practices, across one or more product disciplines (e.g., engineering, logistics, test, finance, etc.).
  • Experience supporting programs, projects, or tasks which involve tracking risk and providing constant status or process oversight.
  • Capable of communicating clearly, both orally and in writing.
  • Possess comprehensive knowledge of the Microsoft Office suite of software, with specific experience in effective use of Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word.
  • Capable of performing assigned tasks with minimal oversight or correction.
  • Possess knowledge and experience regarding the procedures and responsibilities necessary to hand-carry information up to the Secret level.
  • Certificate of completion, or obtain and submit one within ninety (90) days of assignment, for the Action Officer Development Course.

Performance Based Tasks Required

  • Provide program management, technical documentation, data analysis, and operational support to the Army RDECOM G3 Global Technology Office (GTO).
  • Plan, coordinate, schedule and execute (not only attend) the Orientation and Reach Back Training (ORBT) for deploying personnel (i.e., FAST, RFEC, ITC, newly assigned Army RDECOM Scientists and Engineers, and, when relevant, STATs and STACAs and be able to provide updates on issues, upcoming meetings, briefings, and taskers related to ORBT, both orally and in written form.  In addition, the candidate shall collect daily feedback during ORBT, review, and provide recommendations for process maintenance or improvements.
  • Prepare and maintain an ORBT standard operating procedure and detailed process map that is all inclusive - includes a timeline for planning, all possible locations (or suggested rotation of locations), points of contact, important factors for each site visit, other science & technology or global equities at that location, etc. in addition to maintaining a list of required documents for assigned programs with corresponding projected need dates.  Once in place, this will be reviewed with the GTO Director and/or GTO Deputy Directors on an annual basis following the Fall ORBT providing recommendations to manage program processes and mitigate program risk.
  • Assist (with planning, coordinating, scheduling, administrative documentation and execution) in the organization of an annual one week workshop for all RDECOM Global Personnel to include CONUS Global IPOCs, RFEC/ITCs, Science Advisors, and other invited guests to conduct a strategic meeting discussing business practices, on-going and planned projects, as well as challenges and threats in order to facilitate information sharing and networking within the community.  In addition, the candidate shall collect daily feedback during the Global Workshop, and provide recommendations for continuing processes and improvements.
  • Assist with knowledge management, including timelines for previous science advisors / FAST alumni network, FAST funded technology insertions, and transition and success stories.
  • Assist GTO with public affairs matters, working with the public affairs group to maintain current brochures, posters, and web presence (including milbook, sharepoint and sites).
  • Apply executive skills to review, analyze, and evaluate OPORDs for exercises and provide detailed feedback.
  • Provide support to Detachment 8 for upcoming exercises and while deployed.
  • Provide support to any Engineering and Scientist Exchange (ESEP) or Field Assistance in Science & Technology (FAST) Science Advisor, or 852 Liaison Officer, maintaining consistent contact with the temporarily deployed team member, and follow-up once returned CONUS.
  • Be the touchpoint for GTO with the points of contact for the ECBC EXLAB (Afghanistan), providing the team updates on activities, sending out the EXLAB weekly report to the community, and maintaining EXLAB documentation on the internal shared drive.
  • Assist (with planning, coordinating, scheduling and execution) with the Orientation and Reach Back Training (ORBT) for deploying personnel (i.e., FAST, RFEC, ITC, newly assigned Army RDECOM Scientists and Engineers, and, when relevant, STATs and STACAs.
  • Maintain the FAST science advisor (SA) contact information for current and previous SAs in order to maintain the SA network used for the ORBT sessions.
  • Possess executive writing skills and be able to generate written introductions for outgoing FAST SAs and star notes for returning FAST SAs and Engineering and Scientist Exchange Program (ESEP) personnel for the GTO Director and GTO Deputy Directors in addition to other potential personnel in the global community.
  • Attend and participate in the ORBT and Global Workshop (formerly called the FAST Program Review).  In addition, the candidate shall contribute documentation to both the ORBT and Global Workshop after-action reports.
  • Assist in maintaining the GTO Sharepoint database that contains resources for the global community and provide recommendations to the GTO Director and/or GTO Deputy Directors for other resources that personnel contacting GTO have requested.
  • Participate in the promotion of Global Programs through dissemination of information to the Global community
  • Provide administrative and process support to GTO functions as needed, including assisting GTO with the planning, development, initiation, and execution of projects.
  • Attend all GTO work related meetings.
  • Respond to inquiries and tasks in a timely manner.
  • Monitor/protect acquisition-sensitive materiel.
  • Monitor the NIPR and SIPR networks, reading and digesting unclassified and classified material to search for specified and/or implied tasks.
  • Ensure OPSEC procedures are followed in accordance with ARs 380-5 and 530-1.
  • Assist where requested in the planning, coordinating, management, and execution of meetings, science and technology orientations, and symposiums to address advance technology for participants throughout the DoD community.  Such meetings may be web-based teleconferences, video-teleconferences, or face-to-face meetings, in both classified and unclassified forums.  As part of this task, the candidate may be asked to perform the following duties:
    • Coordinate:  Prepare agendas and clear and concise briefing materials
    • Attend/participate:  Briefings for senior leaders
    • Document:  Record meeting minutes, executive summaries, and action items, focusing on G3 or individual areas of responsibility
  • Plan, coordinate, develop, and provide resource handbooks as needed (e.g., for Science Advisors, Army RDECOM FAST team members, ORBT training participants, etc.). 
  • Review and prepare clear and concise briefings, documentation, reports, and other supporting information to support IPRs, milestone decisions, and program updates/reviews, and submit them for coordination and approval.
  • Assist in the development and maintenance of requirements and program documentation, and maintain a list of required documents for assigned programs with corresponding projected need dates.
  • Obtain and maintain all information regarding the projects and events he/she is responsible for managing and provide updates on issues, upcoming meetings, briefings, and taskers related to assigned projects, both orally and in written form. 
  • In the event that GTO is managing RFAST-C teams, the candidate shall track and coordinate entry of new FAST technologies into theater.
  • In the event that GTO is managing RFAST-C teams, the candidate shall monitor and support deploying/deployed RDECOM FAST team members supporting US Army troop deployments (e.g., training, orientation, etc.).

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