Home Energy Technician (Weatherization Insulation)

Frederick, MD posted on February 15

Are you a construction trade’s professional who is looking for:

  1. Consistent work schedules of over 35 Hours per week
  2. Competitive Salary
  3. Year Round Employment with No Seasonal lay-offs
  4. Vacation, Health, and 401K Benefits
  5. An Opportunity to learn a trade and start a career
  6. A Work environment where quality is important and everyone cares about the end result
  7. A job that provides all tools, materials, and vehicles to get the job done everyday
  8. A short commute to a Frederick based company

Atlas Home Energy Solutions is looking for a qualified professional to join our team as an entry level Home Energy Technician. The successful candidate will be required to work in tough environments like hot attics and dirty crawlspaces. Most days the work is labor intensive and learning a lot of new technical skills is required. Daily responsibilities include:

1.    Clearing of Loosefill Attic Insulation

2.    Installation of Attic Eave Baffles

3.    Installation of Fiberglass Batt and Loosefill Insulation

4.    Installation of Open and Closed Cell Polyurethane Spray Foam Insulation

5.    Installation of Plywood Attic Storage Platforms and Insulation Dams

6.    Installation of Roof Vents for Bathroom Exhaust Fans

7.    Replacement of Weather-stripping on Exterior Doors

8.    Miscellaneous Caulking and Foaming of Windows, Doors, and HVAC Duct Boots

9.    Removal and Reinstallation of HVAC Duct Registers

10. Set up of Protective Drop Clothes and Plastic

11. Thorough Sweeping, Vacuuming, and Cleaning of Work Spaces

Atlas maintains a small company atmosphere that is focused on providing a quality service every day to maintain and build the company’s reputation.  There is never a shortage of work and the company is fully focused on helping employees grow so that the company can grow.