Helper Meter Technician

Rockville, MD posted on November 15

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Position Description

I. Primary Duties:

Assists and/or performs (under supervision) installations, testing, reconnection, disconnection, and/or maintenance on all types of meters and metering devices. Basic duties include preparing and handling metering devices including cleaning, disposal, labeling, and completing associated documents. Duties include routine physical activities associated with installation, removal and general handling of meters & associated devices, tools, and supplies, loading/unloading of equipment racks, stocking, filling, and delivery of metering equipment orders.

II. Typical Duties and Responsibilities:

1.  Assists higher grade personnel with repair, maintenance, testing, reconnecting,
disconnecting, installation and removal of metering devices.
2. Loads/unloads meters on racks associated with the time-run of meters.
3. Assist higher grade personnel with the retiring of meters making them inoperable.
4. Operates various tow motors, pallet jacks or similar material handling devices.
5. Assist higher grade personnel with reading of  cut-off meters and records meter number and readings in the MIDS system.
6. Under supervision use various computer hardware, and software to record meter data and/or work activities.
7. Assist in the preparation and completion of  various logs, test documents, time sheets,
and other required documents.
8. Assist higher grade personnel preparing,, delivering, and/or receiving materials from
other departments, vendors, or customers.
9. Provides assistance to customers and other employees.
10. Maintains equipment stock in Pepco vehicles and/or Pepco facilities.
11. Operates and maintains various hand tools, power tools and other tools as required.
12. Use company Radio (mobile & portable)
13. Perform basic preventative maintenance on a vehicle when being refueled.

Position Requirements

Experience demonstrating skill using basic math skills (such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).
Experience demonstrating skill reading, understanding, and following verbal or written instructions or work assignments.
Experience demonstrating basic skills using computer applications (for example, using e-mail, internet, word processing, and/or entering data
in to an application).
Experience demonstrating verbal and written communication skills
Experience demonstrating skill following direct multiple instructions.
Experience demonstrating skill working within a team environment
Experience demonstrating skill communicating with internal/external customers.
Ability and willingness to work in extreme weather conditions and in broad spectrum of temperatures, water, lighting, dirt and dust conditions.
Ability and willingness to perform physically challenging tasks independently for extended periods of times (for example, pushing, pulling, standing, walking, climbing stairs or ladders; squatting, kneeling, bending/or twisting, or carrying and or lifting up to 50lbs).
Ability and willingness to adhere to safety regulations and policies and to wear and use safety equipment as required by Federal, State, Local and Pepco Holdings regulations (for example, steel toed shoes, rubber gloves and sleeves, hard hat, fire retardant clothing).
Ability and willingness to complete company mandated safety requirements.
Ability and willingness to work extended workday/week hours when required by system operating requirements and emergencies.
Ability and willingness to work scheduled overtime.
Ability and willingness to perform a second role in accordance with Pepco Holdings Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for all employees.
Must be willing to submit to government agencies clearances for access if necessary.
Must pass qualifications test.
Must possess a valid driver’s license.
Must successfully pass a Criminal History Background Check
Must successfully pass a medical screening to include a drug test.
Must possess a valid Governmental/Jurisdictional driver’s license.

Experience demonstrating skill applying mathematical formulas applicable to determining the accuracy of a meter.
Knowledge of electrical theory concepts (current, volts, and watts).
Experience demonstrating skill using basic knowledge of metering equipment and measuring instruments (VOM, Digital Multi-meter).
Experience demonstrating skill working on energized circuits from 120 VAC to 250VAC daily.