Graphic Editor C - NERC

Bethesda, MD posted on June 29

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Position Description

Assuming GIS/CAD /GWD/ and other responsibilities such as following GIS data maintenance specifications; publishing maps for viewing applications such as ArcFM and NMT-Faar on a periodic base; and responsibilities for maintaining the quality and consistency of data within GIS/ GWD; responsibility for the GIS symbology, connectivity and annotation rules; testing all GIS Related applications and tools; coordinate batch printing and plotting map books.

Position Requirements


Associate's degree in Design, Applied Science, Engineering Technology or related field OR the equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience satisfactory to the Company.
Experience demonstrating effective written and oral communication skills.
Knowledge of general drafting standards, practices and procedures and the ability to complete accurate drawings on schedule.
Experience demonstrating skills reading and interpreting engineering/construction plans and drawings.
Experience demonstrating skill updating/maintaining land base and electric network facility data in GIS using GIS/CAD and other appropriate software.
Experience demonstrating skill following technical instructions or procedures (for example, operating procedures, standards, code requirements, specifications).
Experience demonstrating skill working cooperatively as a team member.
Experience using PC-based word processing, spreadsheet, PDF conversion, database and e-mail software.
Experience using PC-based drafting software (for example, MicroStation, AutoCAD or ESRI -GIS).
Ability and willingness to perform both indoor and outdoor tasks to include:
­ -sitting at a computer workstation for extended periods of time
­ -bending, twisting, kneeling, and squatting
­ -working around energized equipment in areas ranging from very hot to very cold temperatures
­ -driving a Company vehicle.
Ability and willingness to wear and use safety equipment as required by Federal, State, Local and Company regulations (for example, ear plugs, helmets, steel toed shoes, rubber gloves and sleeves, hard hat, fire retardant clothing).
Ability and willingness to work extended hours (including holidays and weekends) with little or no notice and on call during storms and systems emergencies.
Ability and willingness to differentiate colors in a computer environment.
Ability and willingness to distinguish sounds at various decibel levels.
Ability and willingness to perform a second role in accordance with Pepco Holdings Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for all procedures.
Must possess a valid driver's license.
Must successfully pass qualification tests.
Must successfully pass a Criminal History Background Check
Must successfully pass a medical screening to include a drug test.

This position is a NERC and FERC Regulated position. As such, a background check will be conducted on the incumbent every seven years. Additionally, the incumbent will be required to complete annual NERC and FERC compliance training.


Knowledge of Electric Distribution Systems and standards.
Knowledge of feeder systems.
Knowledge of underground and overhead one-lines.
Knowledge of Conduit Standards.