Engineering Fieldman Technician SCD

Centreville, MD posted on June 3

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Position Description

Position Concept:

1. Under direction, is responsible in a line capacity to the Supervisor and in a functional capacity, when assigned, to other engineering personnel.

2. Has direct contact and/or contractual negotiations with customers.

3. Has no supervisory function, however, may direct the work of personnel of equal or lower classification.

4. Assists in training of other personnel as required.

5. Work assignments may be in the office, in the field, or any combination of both.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Within the limits of authorized procedures, objectives, plans and budgets, the Technician is responsible for:

1. Interprets and understands internal/external engineering construction plans including specifications and materials. Such as plot plans, line and grade plans, cross section details, job construction details, and to create a composite construction plan from sketchy information and data using field instruments and measuring devices.

2. Understanding NESC, Company Safety Rules, or any other Safety Regulations (Local, State, or National) that are applicable.

3. Having a comprehensive working knowledge of company mapping and records, budgeting and accounting systems.

4. Performs engineering activities required to meet customer in-service date by initiating and designing cost effective, high quality solutions for internal/external customer requests for engineering services.

5. Design and develop construction plans for all job types using all applicable company corporate computer systems.

6. Preparing cost estimates, construction plans, job or work orders, specifications, lists of materials and schedules for assigned jobs.

7. Preparing other forms or drawings to acquire rights of way, permissions or coordination with other utilities, agencies or customers that may be needed to successfully complete a job.

8. Having comprehensive working knowledge of company agreements with other utilities and municipalities.

9. Performing emergency restoration (second roles) as required.

10.Assists in the job closing and posting process as necessary.

I I .Performing other related duties of equal or less skill and routine office or clerical functions as necessary.

12.Analyzing cost estimates and reports on assigned jobs, explain deviations and recommend remedial procedures in written report form.

In addition to the above and other related work of similar grade, an Engineering Field Technician will be assigned to any other work of equal or lesser skill within the capabilities of the individual, to meet emergencies or other operating needs.

Position Requirements

Associate's degree in Engineering, Engineering Technology or related field OR two years of college level engineering course work OR the equivalent combination of education, training and/or experience.
Experience demonstrating skill reading and interpreting construction plans and/or engineering drawings including electrical single line diagrams, plot plans , contour maps.
Experience demonstrating skill following technical instructions or procedures (for example, operating procedures, standards, code requirements, specifications).
Experience demonstrating skill performing mathematical computations involving algebra, trigonometry and geometry.
Experience demonstrating skill using PC-based word processing, spreadsheet and e-mail software to perform work functions (for example, communicate with others, create and modify letters, perform calculations).
Ability and willingness to work overtime, holidays, and weekends as required.
Ability and willingness to work during emergency conditions and storms as required.
Ability and willingness to wear and use safety equipment as required by Federal, State, Local and company regulations.
Ability and willingness to adhere to safety regulations and policies.
Ability and willingness to perform physical tasks for extended periods of time (for example, lifting, entering/exiting manhole covers, climbing ladders and scaffolding, bending, twisting, kneeling, crawling, pulling/pushing, standing, walking, and squatting).
Ability and willingness to work in a variety of work environments including outdoors in all weather conditions, on or around energized equipment, in confined spaces, underground, in heavy traffic and in noisy and dirty environments with proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
Ability and willingness to perform a second role in accordance with PHI's Emergency Preparedness Guidelines for all employees.
Ability and willingness to travel to various Company locations and work sites.
Must successfully pass qualification tests.
Must possess a valid driver’s license.
Must pass the Criminal History Background Check which consists of a 7-year criminal records check for felony convictions.
Must be able to successfully pass a medical screening to include a drug test.

Experience demonstrating knowledge of the fundamentals of electricity.
Experience demonstrating skill using GIS, GWD and/or WMIS (work management information system) to develop design packages(for example, modifying or creating graphical design packages in GWD, maintain accurate data by managing graphical data in GWD, development of comprehensive job packages including labor estimates and material take-off for electrical distribution work -WMIS).
Experience demonstrating skill initiating and designing engineering solutions for internal and external customer requests for modification to the electrical distribution system.
Experience demonstrating skill using and maintaining various hand tools and instruments (for example, tape measure, measuring wheel, gas detector, survey instruments).
Experience demonstrating skill providing customer service (for example, interacting with customers, responding to customer inquiries over the telephone, in writing and/or in-person).
Experience demonstrating skill interfacing and coordinating with other departments, companies, and contractors.
Experience demonstrating skill preparing and modifying documentation such as contract agreements and cost letters.