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Position Description

Under direct supervision (or general supervision limited in scope) regularly and customarily performs complicated work on radio communication equipment and other electronic devices. This includes such work as the following illustrative duties, together with other related and incidental work:

1. Installs and places in proper operating condition, tests, adjusts, maintains and repairs all radio communication equipment.

2. Installs and places in proper operating condition, tests, adjusts, maintains and repairs supervisory, power line carrier, microwave and electronic control equipment.

3. Must assist supervisors and engineers in making studies and calculations relative to the operation of communication equipment and other electronic devices.

4. Prepares diagrams relative to electronic circuits and other special studies and tests as required.

5. Performs necessary clerical work incidental to the job.

6. Directs the work of and instructs others who, upon occasion, may be assigned to assist him.

7. Operates automotive equipment.

In addition to the above and other related work of similar grade, a Communication Technician Second Class will be assigned to any other work of equal or lesser skill within the capabilities of the individual, to meet emergencies or other operating needs.

Position Requirements

1.  Must have good health and a normal physique.

2. Educational requirements:  High School diploma or equivalent plus additional technical training or experience.

3. Must have had two years of appropriate experience with this Company, or must have had other training or experience equally acceptable to this Company, and of such nature as to enable him to meet the qualifications outlined in Item No. 5 of these requirements.

4. Must possess a minor degree of skill or acumen in order to regularly perform routine work by following detailed instructions.

5. Must be the holder of a valid first or second class radio operator's license issued by the Federal Communications Commission and/or be currently certified by the National Association of Business and Educational Radio (NABER) Technician Certification Program; additionally must have a thorough working knowledge of the installation, maintenance and operation of radio transmitters, receivers, and remote control equipment for communication purposes.

6. Must be able to exercise judgment acceptable to the Company in matters of relatively minor importance and limited scope.

7. Must be qualified to occasionally direct others helping on the same or related work.

8. Must be thoroughly familiar with the Company's electrical switching and tagging rules, and grounding procedure.

9. Must be willing and able to work extra and/or irregular hours.

10. Must be and remain thoroughly familiar with the Company's safety rules applicable to this and related jobs. Must be capable of applying resuscitation and be able to render practical first aid.

11. Must possess or be able to promptly obtain the appropriate vehicle operator's license.

12. Dress:  Clothing should contain no exposed metal components when working on or near uncovered energized structures or equipment. May not wear flowing garments or garment components while working on or near rotating equipment, or on structures, poles, or equipment which requires climbing above eye level. Must keep hair cut short or closely bound while at work. Must wear required protective equipment at all times.

FCC License or Equivalent